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As we look ahead to the end of quarantine, it is time to help your local economy get back to business. Read on to learn more about how to shift your marketing and share how you, as a community leader, can help proactively–and optimistically–and safely get back to work, together. 

Do Your Homework

As businesses begin to open it is important that we share the concern for the challenges ahead. At the same time, leaders share words of encouragement for those who need it.  Help your local community get back to business as safely as possible by sharing solutions to the challenge of physical distancing and other health and safety precautions. Become a student of what other communities are doing to get back to work. Countries, statesm, counties and cities are designing their own approaches to re-opening businesses, the same safety standards apply, as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). 

Practice What You Preach

For your own business share how you are making a difference. Consider continued physical distancing, with six or more feet between individuals; wearing masks in public in order to hinder the spread of the virus; and refraining from touching others. As a leader, you can take the time to discuss and develop a plan, and what that plan will contain. For example, consider continuing to conduct meetings online via videoconferencing; if in-person meetings are necessary, limit the number of participants so that they can maintain social distance. If anyone is having symptoms of illness, they’d need to stay home. Prior to reopening your office, consider having an online meeting outlining policies and procedures, and for any meetings in-office, the guidelines can be an agenda item. Be sure to send personalized communications to your clients how you followed the guidelines. This demonstrates your professionalism and also provides the peace of mind in doing business with your organization and your staff.

Staying Optimistic

Not only do you need to plan safeguards, you need to communicate them, along with your intention of being there for your clients. It’s best to reassure them that things will become more normal over time, even with safety measures in place. Clients and workers need to know that their safety is your top priority, and reassuring them will strengthen your business relationship. Managers can emphasize that we have gotten through the last two months, and will continue to work toward getting back to normal, safely. For the time being, your business’s website and email newsletter can be a good way to communicate with clients; consider writing blog posts and sharing infographics, among other content.

With life on the way to becoming more normal, businesses will eventually reopen. To learn about positioning yourself to safely conduct business in person, contact ClikCloud today.