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Email List It’s still early in the New Year, and time to start thinking about how to reach new and existing customers with your business. Electronic mailing lists are useful and popular, but shouldn’t replace the personal touch. Rather than purchasing an email list, the most cost-effective way is to develop your own. How can you do this?

Build your Email Subscriber List with a Personal Touch

Go to networking events, trade shows and mixers and exchange business cards with people you meet. Also, be sure to get others’ business cards. A key benefit of this is having a face to go with a name. They already know you, and might be more interested in what you have to offer—promotion of a product or service, a special deal, or simply information. If you go to trade shows, consider offering prizes and be have a container at your table where people can leave their business cards. It’s better to get a few business cards at a time, and slowly add to your email list, than purchase a ready-made mailing list full of the email addresses of strangers.

Add an Email Newsletter Subscriber Link to your Website

Even when back at home or the office, there’s still work to be done. One thing to do is include a subscription signup form on the most-visited pages on your website. This makes it easy for people to get on the list. Another thing is to explain the value of being a subscriber. Is the potential recipient in the loop for special deals or promotions, will they get interesting and useful information, or both? And don’t just stop with your website, but alert people via your social media page, such as Facebook or Twitter.

Maintenance of Your Email Mailing List

The benefit of having people you know on your mailing list is that you are less likely to get “bounces” and more likely to keep your subscribers. A “bounce” is when an email is returned as undeliverable—whether the address is defunct, or inaccurate to begin with (as is possible on a purchased list). Ideally, the bounce rate is less than 10 percent; the higher this rate, the higher your “spam” score. Another way to lose membership is when someone unsubscribes from your mailing list, as a result of something you’ve posted. The ideal rate for this is lower, less than 1 percent.

If you find you’re losing members through opt-out, contact ClikCloud to discuss and revise your email marketing strategy.