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Digital transformation of your business is required to keep up with competition and gain the trust of your customers and prospects. It isn’t enough to have a mobile-friendly and responsive website. Your CSP, Telecom and MSP website is your virtual business card and should tell your company story in a unique and compelling way. Here are some tips for making your website your own.

Let Your Customers to the Talking

Including Customer testimonials and case studies on your MSP, CSP or Telecom website is a great way to articulate the value of your business. No one knows your strengths better than your customers. It may be personalized service, technical expertise, or saving them money. Your site visitors will appreciate the perspective from your loyal customers as validation of your overall company messaging and position. In fact, you can learn your customer testimonials and case studies to help refine your own message to ensure it is genuine.

Consistently Support Your Brand

Since your CSP, Telecom and MSP Website is your virtual calling card, make sure you support your identity throughout the site. Tailoring your theme to ensure your company logo is prominently displayed, and matching the color palette to your site header, footers, icons, blurbs, and contact forms, will ensure a cohesive look and feel. Not only can you match stock photography to your company message, you can also find images that highlight colors from your color palette. Sources including Shutterstock and iStock have plenty of high-quality options to ensure your brand is properly supported and your company personality is at the forefront.

Add Branded Content to Your CSP, Telecom and MSP Website

Many vendors including Big Leaf, eFolder, Microsoft, Storage Craft and TelePacific, provide libraries of brandable assets. These asset libraries include videos, white papers, data sheets, banner ads and more. Creating landing pages as a resource for your site visitors to view or download, these assets can be used for Calls to Action (CTA). You can highlight these on your home page, sidebars, and even in your monthly newsletter. Many vendors, distributors and master agents will provide branding support for the assets they create.

With the proper tools, skills, time, or outsourced digital marketing, you can make your CSP, Telecom and MSP website unique to your business. If you feel you need assistance, contact ClikCloud today!