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Content marketing is a great way to attract and engage customers and prospects.  Using Social Networks, blogs, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, and other web based or mobile marketing technologies, Content Marketing allows you to reach a broader audience in a cost-effective manner.  Content Marketing leverages a range of marketing assets, including  blog articles, infograms, presentations, webinars, white papers, templates, and videos.  Because of the powerful reach of today’s mobile and web platforms, it is important your company adopts best practices to ensure consistent communications.

Here are a few tips for developing best practices for Content Marketing:

Set an Internal Policy for Content Marketing

Ensure that employees understand their roles in executing your Content Marketing strategy.  Make clear what content is appropriate. For example, you don’t want an employee with good intentions to leak privileged unauthorized information about a recent customer win.

Integrate Across Teams

Where possible, include product specialists, technical professionals, and other advocates to add to your company voice.  You may find that these insiders have a unique perspective and a talent for blogging or responding to posts.

Know Your Audience

Create your content with your audience in mind.  Understand your demographics and create content that is relevant to customers, prospects, and other influencers.  In some cases you may have multiple audiences, so create compelling content for important stakeholders in a way that is easily consumed.

Create a Roadmap

Think ahead—weekly, monthly, quarterly—about trends, topics, issues, and concerns that you can address with various Content Marketing campaigns. Do your research on keywords for SEO, and align your content with your sales and marketing objectives. This will create momentum in your Content Marketing campaigns and make it easier to generate the assets that you need to be successful.

Define Objectives and Measure Performance

Always establish clear campaign goals and determine what success will look like.  Whether it is clicks to a website, leads, likes, or comments, be clear up-front how your company will benefit from this activity so you can get more from your marketing efforts.

Developing an internal policy for Content Marketing is a smart way to get the most from your content marketing campaigns.  Having a solid strategy with clear objectives allows you to increase your targeting and improve your Content Marketing campaign performance over time.