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This year, digital marketing has been vital in keeping businesses in business, helping them reach current customers as well as generating new leads and sales. The reliance upon online methods is expected to continue in 2021. Read on to learn about focusing your digital marketing efforts in the new year.


Quality Content is Fundamental


Even while channels used by businesses vary, good content is always key. Consider what is interesting, informative and relevant to your customers. Share your plan for keeping customers safe. What other safety measures are you taking? You can share stories of how your company has pivoted during the pandemic. Such content can inspire readers and strengthen their confidence in your company. Whatever content you develop, it should read well, be edited for style and grammar, and appear professional. For your website to attract organic traffic, you can make it search engine optimization (SEO) friendly, to get high ratings in search engines. 


Making Your Website Mobile-Friendly and Responsive


People are likely to access your content while on the go. Having a site that is responsive to a mobile device makes all the difference.  To get your most important content noticed, it needs to be included for mobile viewing. Other content, including large images can be excluded. Any buttons designed for customer interaction, such as “Contact Us” or “Subscribe to Our Newsletter” should be easy to see and use on mobile devices. 


Using Newsletters and Social Media


In 2021 many companies are expected to turn to email marketing as a cost-effective way of making marketing budgets go further.  What’s more, many companies are expected to continue a Work from Home (WFH) plan making it harder to reach them by traditional direct mail that may not be forwarded.  Accordingly, email newsletters and social media provide a consistent and economical way to keep reaching your audience. 

If you haven’t already started an email newsletter, that would be an excellent way to reach present and future customers. With your content in place, you can easily share it via both email and social channels; for instance, sharing your newest blog posts in your newsletter, and sharing them to your social media platforms. In so doing, your company remains top of mind with current and future customers. 


Digital marketing, as ever, is incredibly important in reaching customers. In 2021, this trend is likely to continue. To get help with your strategy, contact us today.