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To begin the buyer journey it may take up to 7 marketing touches to turn a suspect into a prospect. With so many businesses competing for viewers’ attention, your website needs to stand out. Read on to learn about creating a winning digital marketing strategy, one that will win attention and, even better, new customers

Start with Quality Content

A well-designed digital marketing plan will get your website new readers, and quality content will keep them. And what is good content? First, it should be relevant to your audience, answering a question or need that they have. Ideally, it is engaging, even entertaining. Finally, it should contain a call to action–subscribing to your newsletter, for example. Use Search Engine Optimization to help your website land on the first page or two of search results, by including keywords and phrases throughout your copy. These keywords and phrases, when made very specific, can help get your website found by those looking for your product or service. 

Blogging is another good way of providing content. The best blog posts have to do with thought leadership and topics relevant to your customers, rather than ones trying to make sales. If you engage with your readers, sales will likely follow. To stay top-of-mind, publish blog posts consistently.

Make Use of Email and Social Media

Content on your website is not the only way to reach current and prospective customers. Email newsletters are a common way to reach current and potential customers. Various providers can help you structure your content, and you can make yourself a publishing schedule to stay consistent. Small amounts of content can be sent automatically to new subscribers, a practice called a drip campaign. By tapping into social media, your content can get even more views. Post your content to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, for example; some providers even allow you to simultaneously share the same content to multiple platforms. Like blogging, social media marketing should be consistent to be effective. 

Track Metrics to Assess Effectiveness

Before beginning an email campaign, consider your goals. Do you aim to generate new leads, offer something new to current subscribers? Maybe both? To get a baseline, take a look at your current metrics. How many click-throughs do you get? That is, how many recipients click on one or more links in your email? Conversions are when a reader takes action, such as downloading a resource. Bounce and unsubscribe rates are just as important; you might have non-existent or outdated addresses on your contact list, or your content might not be helpful to some readers. Use this feedback to evaluate whether you are reaching your target audience.

Digital marketing is an easy, inexpensive way to share content with customers and potential customers. To learn more about developing or refining a strategy, contact ClikCloud today.