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It’s the time of year, when we reflect on the past year and look ahead to the next one. Some aspects of digital marketing have changed due to the pandemic, while others remain the same. Read on to learn how to target your efforts in the new year.


Building Blocks of Digital Marketing

Two of the most important aspects of digital marketing are content, and how it’s presented. Content that gets leads, and sales is content that engages and educates and even entertains the reader, leading them to take action. You can use search engine optimization (SEO) to boost your site’s rating and its position in search engine results. An easy-to-read page, one that customers can easily interact with, will enhance the user experience. All of this will be important in the year to come, with many users still interacting with your business online. 


Quality Content is Vital

The starting point for digital marketing is quality content, which draws leads to your website, and converts leads into sales. Quality content is original, engaging and provides a specific call to action, something a visitor can do like subscribe to your email newsletter. Another way to present content is through video or a webinar, something people can look forward to accessing. With customers feeling isolated this year, it’s good to help them feel included and to give them something to anticipate. A periodic newsletter can be just the thing to help keep subscribers engaged; email, now more than ever, reaches customers and prospects that are working from home.


A Positive User Experience 

Along with quality content, a positive user experience will draw visitors and convert them to customers. With many users continuing to access websites on their own devices, a mobile-friendly website will make that great content easy to read and act upon. For example, social media icons at the bottom of the page can direct them to Facebook, Instagram and other platforms you might use (be sure to link to your social media when you create new content). A button to subscribe to the newsletter is best used when separated from other text. Chat is another way to help your customers and respond to their needs. Sometimes they just need a question answered quickly, and virtual chat can be helpful in this case. Making your website interesting, pleasant and easy to use will help you engage and retain customers.


No question about it, companies have had to adjust the way they do business and their online presence is more important than ever. For help engaging your customers, contact us today.