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New Year Resolution for MSPs Telco Agents CSPsIt is a new year and we all make resolutions. What will your digital marketing resolutions be?  Will you get that adwords campaign going? What about updating your email lists? Will you consider using Linkedin or are you’re finally ready to update your Website? Maybe a combination of all of the above? If so, here are some quick tips to help you keep your New Year’s resolution.


Resolve to Update Your Website

Your website is a reflection of your business. How do you know if your website looks old and tired? If you still have pictures of an older phone system, outdated laptop, or perhaps a data center full of wires, your site may need a refresh. Consider updating with a Cloud-first message using positive images with a modern marketing feel. If your site hasn’t been updated in awhile, there is a good chance it isn’t responsive and won’t optimize for mobile devices.  Half of your traffic is likely to come from mobile visitors, so why not make it easy for them to find and dial your phone number? What’s more, Google may penalize your site in the search engine results for not adopting mobile standards.

Refresh Your Email List in the New Year

You should update your email lists regularly. This, like the resolution to eat right and get plenty of exercise, is not a goal that is always met. Sending out a monthly email newsletter is an low-cost way of staying top of mind with your referral network. Consider using LinkedIn as a way to build your referral network, and consider tapping it to refresh your email lists. Whenever you meet someone, ask if you can add them to your newsletter. Remember to follow through and add them! Once you’ve updated your Website, this may be your next best resolution to keep.

Blog in the New Year

If you covered the basics, consider blogging to keep your website fresh and newsletter full of content. You can also use blog articles to reach a broader network by posting them on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Blogs don’t need to be long, but should be informative. Product comparisons, how-to’s, and technical tips that answer questions that come up during the sales cycle, may draw in traffic. Articles on best practices and industry trends position you as a thorough leader.

Adwords for MSPs and Telco Agents  

If you already covered the basics and started blogging, and are considering adwords, be sure to target your campaigns and do the math up front on what you are willing to pay and what you expect in return. Many channel partners report mixed results in this area.   

Most channel partners operate within a 100-mile radius so turn on geotargeting — why waste money on a national campaign?  Also, think through your keyword selection using the Adwords keyword planner. Terms like Managed Service and Business IT Support may have low inventory. Terms like Cloud Computing may be too expensive. Search terms such as computer repair may be more popular in your region and may result in a break/fix project that turns into a managed service sale. Advertising for a cabling project might result in a network sale.  

In all cases do be sure to do the math and up-front planning. Calculate how many clicks it takes to create a lead, and be prepared to run your program for at least 90 days.

New Year’s Resolutions are easily broken. By carefully planning and prioritizing your digital marketing, you can grow your MSP, CSP or Telecom practice. If you feel you need assistance, ask for help instead of wasting valuable time doing a mediocre job. Contact your digital marketing experts for help and advice to evaluate your new year’s digital marketing resolutions, and get started today.