IT Service Providers are always looking for cost effective ways to boost their business.  Driving prospects to your website is one way to improve lead flow for your business.   Email marketing, social media, pay per click (PPC) advertising and search engine optimization (SEO) all play a role in getting more visitors to your site.

Sometimes Google is perplexing!  For example, you may search a term and not necessarily find your business where you think you ought to be.  It is important to keep in mind some of the long tail keywords words (e.g. computer repair your_city) are seldom typed while some of the broader terms (e.g. computer repair) are competitive, so it may be difficult to get top ranking.  Here are a few tips for helping boost your visibility without breaking your budgets.

Make /your Site SEO Friendly

Google crawls periodically looking to index your site based on keywords.  Having well formatted pages (e.g. unique titles, descriptions and relevant content – think article) all help Google determine how to index your site.  Also know, broken links and timeouts may penalize your site.  To keep track of how your site is doing, consider using Google Webmaster Tools to track your progress.

Sites with Google+ Do Better in the Rankings

Google seems to favor sites that have links to Google+.  It is easy to add the code to your home page once you have set up your Google+ account.  Sites with Google Places tend to rank higher as well.  Google Places is a way to create a tailored local listing for your site within Google.

Backlinks help your Search Engine Rankings

It is a fact that sites with backlinks do better in rankings on Google.  Consider getting your suppliers to include your website in their partner area.  Other local backlinks including your local Chamber of Commerce, trade associations and other alliances may not only send more traffic your way, but may also be factored into your ranking.  Your microblogs including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are also sources of backlinks.   While quantity is important, keep in mind quality of links.  Avoid link directories and other services that promise to get you hundreds or thousands of links.  These links typically have a  reverse impact on your search engine ranking.

Relevant and Search Engine Optimized Content is Critical to your Rankings

Additional relevant and search engine optimized content helps with your rankings.  What’s more, you can use this content in your client and prospect newsletter and also for your social media networks.  IT best practices topics including: Mobile Security, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning, Migrating and Cloud Computing are all topics of high interest.  You can also highlight new employee, certification earned, community service project and more to add quality content to your website.

I am sure you will agree, most of these ideas take only a little time and budget and are all essential elements of your marketing tactics.  Moreover, you will find these activities less frustrating and more rewarding that sifting through Google trying to find your site.