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There are plenty of ways to spend plenty of money on Internet Marketing. You can fund SEO programs, pay per click ads and even create a cool new video for your company. All of these are great ways to boost traffic and generate leads. However, many companies overlook the tried and true – email marketing. If you are sitting on a pile of leads that need warming up, nothing is as cost effective as email marketing. Below are the top email marketing tips that work.

Start with a Clean Email Marketing List

Avoid SPAM and email abuse by using an email marketing list of real contacts. Make sure you have a real business relationship with the contacts. This means they have bought from you in the past, met you at an event, passed along a card or other email marketing lists where you have a commercial relationship. Most ISPs have cracked down on SPAM by populating purchased lists with SPAM traps and other erroneous email names designed to get you blocked. Stay away from purchase email marketing lists and make sure your email addresses are valid.  Send to real names only and avoid addresses including; sales@, support@, info@ etc. Free mail addresses may also be a waste of time. Go for quality NOT quantity.

What Content Gets the Best Email Marketing Open Rate?

Vendor neutral articles and best practices, written with a business owner in mind, can get you a 20% open rate or better. Don’t sell in your email marketing programs, instead focus on educating your audience.  Offer a free trial or highlight a featured service to encourage engagement. For B2B audiences, don’t expect to close business using email marketing. Take the high road and be consistent in your email marketing communications.

Measure your Email Marketing Performance

Make sure you have solid reporting in place to track open rates, click through rates, opt out rates and end user engagement. It is important to get feedback on how well your email marketing program is working so you can tune it up over time. Be patient as not all prospects are in “buy mode”.  It may take several blasts or months to get a prospect to respond to an offer.

Email marketing is an economical way to stay “top of mind” with your customers and prospects. Consistency and content are key to your success.  If you need help warming up leads, contact your Internet Marketing agency today.