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According to a recent PRC survey, the percentage of users accessing websites on a mobile device has reached 60%. No longer do users simply sit in front of a desktop computer to access content that is important to them; rather, they are likely to access content on their mobile devices. Read on to learn more about making your website mobile responsive and one people will want to visit and keep visiting.

Make Your Website Mobile Responsive

Because so many people now access websites on smartphones and other mobile devices, be sure content and images can be easily seen. Modern content management solutions, such as, WordPress have the ability to serve up a different user experience based on browser type. A Mobile responsive site will identify a visitor using a mobile device and adjust menus, images, suppress content and more. A mobile-responsive site makes it easy to navigate and find what they are looking for.

Content is King

When writing website content, consider your goals on a mobile platform. One goal might be to make your phone number or address easy to find and interact with the capabilities of your mobile device. Keep your content clean and concise—less can be more. Good-quality images of the right size can also engage your audience. Finally, make sure your site is easy to navigate on a mobile device.

Developing a quality website with an appealing and responsive mobile user is experience is vital when so many visitors access content on the go. Contact your ClikCloud today at 866-474-8515 to help you make your website one that keeps customers coming back.