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Think of the last great website you saw. What made it stand out? The content might have captivated, the images might have jumped off the page, or the color scheme might have been appealing. Perhaps it was the ease of use or free resources offered. Think of these features and read on to learn more about how to make a fantastic website for your business.

Start with a Strong Headline

Your website homepage has about three seconds to grab a visitor’s attention. The goal, ultimately, is to lead visitors further down the funnel, to become customers. A simple, concise headline of just a few words can catch the reader’s attention and make them want to learn more. Use sub-headlines to go into more detail, such as addressing a specific problem a visitor might have.

Compelling, Interactive Content

As the reader continues scrolling down the page, they should learn more about your story and what you can do to help them. Include some information about how your company came to be, and about its continuing story since. Also, consider offering free resources, such as an e-book or whitepaper. Regardless of what content you include, make it easy to see and navigate.


Visitors no longer just sit in front of a computer at their desk. Instead, they often use their phones or tablets while out and about, and your website should be mobile-optimized so potential customers can see all your content. Make the text easy to see, while reducing images to a size that will fit a mobile screen.

Easy to Navigate

One way to make your site easy to navigate is putting all headings on your homepage, as though they are doors to areas containing additional interesting content. If you include buttons on your website such as “search” or “subscribe,” put white space around them to make them easier to use, to get more information or to be put on the subscribers’ list.

Clear Calls to Action

What do you want your readers’ next step to be? How can you lead them toward conversion? A clear call to action could be an invitation to be on the subscriber list, or to get a free quote or initial consultation. Perhaps you can also include a link to a whitepaper with information they can use.

The goal of your website is to turn visitors into leads and leads into conversions. Contact ClikCloud today to learn more about creating a winning website.