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The beauty of AdWords is that it’s fast, easy, targeted, and you only pay for results. On top of that, it’s developed by the biggest Search Engine in the world (Google), so you can trust that it’s always in sync with the latest algorithm updates. Read more to find out what you need to know to get the most out of your AdWord Campaigns.

Maximize Your AdWords ROI

With AdWords you can track the results and measure performance of every dollar spent. One of the most relevant measurements is your ROI (Return on Investment), which shows you if your Ad is making you money – and if it’s not, then you can use your performance analytics to determine what you need to change to make your campaign a success.

Use AdWords Location Targeting

Are you targeting an audience that are located near you? Anywhere outside of an hour’s commute to your office is going to negatively affect your success rate. Google AdWords Campaign’s user-friendly map feature to apply accurate location settings.

Select the Right Keywords

Your keywords should reflect the words and sentences your target audience searches for when browsing the web. Potential customers won’t always know exactly what they need, so your keywords could include the terms related to issues they face and advice they might seek.  

Also, avoid using highly technical phrases as keywords, unless you’re sure that your audience would search for it.  

Adjust Your Target Audience

Is your target audience too narrow? Google’s in-depth targeting tools are a great way to shape your ultimate buyer persona and capture your niche, but don’t be overly specific or you’ll risk your Ad not being seen by anyone.

A Strong Call to Action Always Seals the Deal

If there is no real Call to Action (CTA), then there is no chance of generating leads from your Adwords campaign. After all, the main goal for your campaign is to capture potential buyers and convert them to your buyers right away. A good CTA will include strong CTA phrases like ‘download now’ or ‘get today.’ Providing informational offers, including white papers, consultations and assessments are also strong offers to include in your Call to Action.

If you are looking for a way to expand your Digital Marketing program, Adwords is a great choice. If you are already using Adwords, consider these tips to get more from your Pay-Per- Click (PPC) spend. If you’re too busy to focus on your Google Adwords campaign, contact ClikCloud at 1.866.474.8515 to find out how we can help you grow your business.