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Most visitors who read your website’s headline also read your Call to Action (CTA).  Experts agree that copy, content, landing pages and emails with a single call-to-action increased clicks and sales. What’s more, adding a CTA to your blog or newsletter can increase engagement with your customers and prospects.

Do you have a solid Call to action on your website, blog or newsletter? If not, you are with most digital marketers who don’t. If so, ClikCloud has the answers. Read more to find out how these top four offers can increase your lead generation…

1. “Get Your Free Consultation Today”

Rather than using “call now” or “contact us today” offer a consultation as a unique and assertive offering that you share with your customers and prospects to motivate them to take action. Immediately. If you add in testimonials from existing customers who can validate your capability, that increases the trust factor and increases the clicks.

Pro tip: Include an imperative verb in order to strengthen the action that you want taken. Popular imperative verbs that you might like to use include ‘Today’, ‘Now’, ‘Please’, ‘Get’ or ‘ASAP.’

2. “Free…” – Virtually Anything Else For Free

If a free consultation doesn’t really fit with your business model, no problem. Instead, you can insert something more relevant after “free…” The words “free” or “freebie” immediately grab your audience’s attention and trigger action. Here are few freebie examples: ‘Free eBook’, ‘Free Consultation Free’’, ‘Free Trial’.

3. “Sign Up Now” Button

This simple yet effective CTA is particularly useful if you send e-newsletters, and can be easily added using ClikCloud’s email marketing service. You can slightly alter this button to further entice your audience by adding a direct benefit in between “Sign Up…” and  “…Now” (e.g., “Sign Up To Stay Informed Now” or “Sign Up For Quality Content Now”).

4. “View Our Pretty Packages” Button

For companies who offer a range of services and packages (e.g., Cybersecurity bundle or Dark Web Assessment), you can lead potential buyers straight to the numbers and details with this button. This is particularly effective on content-heavy websites because it allows potential buyers in a hurry to find what they need without having to sort through the whole site.    

Pro tip: Don’t be afraid to play with your words. Experiment with alliteration or insert words that might not make perfect sense and that way you’ll see a spike in CTA engagement, based on customer curiosity.

Once you’ve formulated your flawless CTA then you’ll need to spend some time thinking about its design – what it will look like, and if it’s mobile friendly. Important aspects include text and button color, size, placement and font.

To find out how you can improve your “calls to action” in your digital marketing program, contact ClikCloud today!