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According to Search Engine Land research, more than 50% of Internet search results originate on smartphones. That’s why most Internet users say they wouldn’t recommend a business with poor mobile website design. What’s more, most users who search for a type of local business on a mobile device call or go to that business within 24 hours. These statistics confirm that in 2018 there can be no ‘BUTS’– your website HAS to be responsive.

Here are just a few specific benefits of making your website responsive:

1. Catering to all Visitors

A responsive website is one that has been specially coded to adapt to the device that it’s accessed on, whether a desktop, laptop, a tablet or a smartphone. A responsive website will also function at optimum levels regardless of the browser you view it on. The flexibility of a responsive website means that your potential clients are going to have a good experience regardless of the browser or device they use.

2.Guaranteed to Rank Better in Search Engine Results (Better SEO)

In 2016 Google introduced an algorithm that ensures responsive websites are prioritized in all search results. So, if your website isn’t responsive then it’s likely to get buried underneath more accessible mobile-friendly websites.   

3.Gives you the Opportunity to Review Your Content & Sitemap

Before you take the step forward to getting a responsive website, you should allow yourself some time to review, reduce and update your website content. Website users want concise, clean, and captivating content.

4.Better Image Quality

When employed to make a website responsive, a professional website designer will ensure that all images download effectively on a mobile device, or do not appear if too large.

It’s clear that undertaking the project of making your website responsive will ensure that your overall website User Experience skyrockets. Not only that but with the diverse device and browser options available in 2018, it’s absolutely essential to have a responsive website.

If you don’t know if your website is responsive we can check, get a no-obligation, free website assessment today.