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Writing useful and compelling blog articles can be one of the most effective ways your small to medium sized business can connect with current customers on a personal level and gain new leads over the Internet. If your business is not yet leveraging at least monthly online articles, it’s time to consider hitting those keys, because blogs contain content that search engines can actively find, log, and rank, bringing your site more traffic. Here are the 3 most important things to keep in mind when writing blog articles for your company.

1.   Come Up With a Compelling Title

Whatever you do, don’t write a great blog article, choose a haphazard title, and expect your article to see a lot of traffic. Creating a compelling title for your article is one of the smartest things you can do in the blog writing arena. If you want to win the battle for attention online, master the skill of writing an effective title. Your goal is for your reader to read the title and think, “I’ve got to read this!” Use numbers and adjectives in titles to grab attention and show the customer exactly how they will benefit from reading your article.

2.   Word Count Matters

The word count of your blog article is also important when trying to gain readership. The magic length is between 300-1,000 words. If your article appears too short, your readers might feel that it is not worth their time. On the other hand, if your article appears too long, your readers may be scared away. Keep your paragraphs to a few sentences in length, and include bullet points when appropriate. Readers need visual breaks, so consider how your post appears on the page before posting.

3.   Content and Keywords

Some writers believe the only important thing when generating traffic to your blog article is inserting the right keywords. While that may have worked several years ago, content is just as important as keywords are in this day of age, because search engines have changed the way they rank web pages. That being said, keywords are still an important component of your article. Before you start your article, have primary keywords in mind and use these words several times throughout your article. Lastly, it’s a good idea to conclude your article with “call to action” words, such as “download,” “get,” or “learn,” to help guide your readers to the next step. Contact your Internet marketing expert today to learn more guidelines on how to generate more traffic to your blog articles.