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With more people accessing content on mobile devices than ever before, you owe it to your business to gain your share of that attention. Read on to learn how to engage an ever-savvier audience with a digital marketing program. 

Start with Quality Digital Marketing Content

Whatever methods of digital marketing work best for your business, always start with great content. The best content is that which educates and engages, giving readers more information about your business and industry, and encouraging them to get involved. Content needs to be relevant to your audience, answering questions they have about your product and service and how it can serve their business. Provide a specific call to action, such as an easy way to contact you or to subscribe to your newsletter. Consider providing live or virtual chat so they can get simple questions answered quickly. Finally, provide resources such as whitepapers on topics of interest as well as offers such as free consultations.

Integrate with Social Media and Email

Other tools for expanding your reach are social media integration and providing an email newsletter. When you post new content, such as a blog post, on your website, link to sites like Facebook and Twitter to let readers know what’s new. Also, consider developing and sending an email newsletter, with recipients being people you’ve met at networking events and in the course of doing business (don’t resort to purchased, pre-made lists that might earn you “bounces”). Let your readers know about news and upcoming events.

Make your Website Professional and Mobile Responsive

To gain and maintain credibility, your content needs not just to be engaging, but to read well and be viewed easily on a variety of devices. Edit your writing for grammar and style, and double-check the accuracy of statistics you include. While it’s good to draw inspiration from strong content you see elsewhere, be sure to repurpose it in order to avoid plagiarism. Once your content has been edited, be sure to make it mobile-responsive for those viewing it away from the office. The most important content should be near the top of each page, and enough white space in between paragraphs for the page not to look crowded. If including buttons for visitors to click, position them far enough away from text to be easy to use. 

Many ideas for marketing your business online are available. To determine which ones will work best for your business, and to fine-tune your digital marketing in 2020, contact ClikCloud today at 866-474-8515.