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In this time of remote work, when networking events and trade shows are on hold, LinkedIn is a valuable platform for digital marketing–perhaps more essential than ever. It can help you stay connected with customers, coworkers and vendors. Read on to learn how to leverage LinkedIn to strengthen your digital marketing efforts.

Building Contact Lists and Connecting with Groups

LinkedIn is a vital tool to help you stay top-of-mind with current and potential customers–a key goal of digital marketing. While a company website is essential, referrals via LinkedIn can account for at least 33% of total sales. Much of this can be “social selling,” organic sales spurred by connections made via a blog, a newsletter, or both. While you many already have contacts in LinkedIn, you can take a more active approach to connecting with them. Your LinkedIn network can be a basis for a newsletter email list; you can add to that list by connecting your LinkedIn networks’ contacts. LinkedIn Groups are another source of new contacts, and a chance for you to share ideas and information with those who have similar interests. Take note of what LinkedIn groups your network is part of, that pique your interest. Once you have started connecting, you can share content such as your blog or newsletter articles. Other LinkedIn group categories to investigate are groups in your industry (or one you want to break into), and groups in your geographical location. 

The Role of Quality Content

Once you have developed a robust LinkedIn network, you can focus on creating and sharing quality content. Quality content is engaging, relevant, and contains a call to action–something you want the reader to do, such as subscribe to your newsletter. Consider either starting a blog or sharing blog entries you’ve already published, sharing insights and research or even what you like to do in your time away from work. One way to augment your content is a syndicated blog service such as ClikCloud, and you can share this content with your LinkedIn groups and network. Upgrading to LinkedIn Premium might be worth the spend to get assistance with selling and with reaching possible customers. 

While having a website is essential, leveraging the networking power of LinkedIn can expand your reach even further. For help using LinkedIn as part of your digital marketing strategy, contact ClikCloud today.