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ClikCloud Social Selling with LinkedinThe buyer journey has changed. By the time most prospects get on a call they have already researched several options. Once you have made an investment in a responsive website, Content Marketing through professional networks is an affordable way to broaden your reach and attract prospects. You can use your  blog and newsletters content to nurture customers and engage prospects. Social selling is great ways to cultivate your brand and stay top of mind with customers and prospects.

Blog Consistently

Writing a blog is useful in several ways. First, it lets you get in front of customers in a more personal way. You can write about research you’ve read, and even about what you like to do outside of running a business. Consider commenting on industry trends, research, news and events to establish yourself as an expert on a topic. Another benefit is that writing a blog also helps with metrics—search engines can use your blog to find, log, and rank your company and to generate even more traffic to your website. Be sure to blog with frequency, so your company stays relevant and customers continue engaging (and buying from) your business.

Leverage Social Including LinkedIn Group

We all know that referrals are the best source of new business. Warm introductions are followed by short sales cycles. Traditional networking involves attending meetings, trade events and other venues to “be seen”. Social networking allows you make the same connections at hyperscale. While nothing replaces face to face meetings, sharing out well written content regularly, keeps in touch with your network. Joining groups on LinkedIn extends your reach by distributing your content to group feeds and digests. You can track engagement based on view, likes and shares to help guide what’s working.

Keep Your Content Crisp

When posting articles be sure to give thought to the title, the content and the length of the article. A concise, attention-getting title should come first to keep and hold readers’ interest. Cover a few different points per article and include calls to action for each story. Consider breaking up your posts into organized paragraphs with keyword optimized headings instead of lumping the information into one long block of text. With great demands on readers’ attention, make sure the post is easy to scan and read. If customers want more information, add a call to action, such as encouraging them to reach out to call or access your website.

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