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Anyone who has been in business for a while has probably heard about the importance of good content, whether in a blog post, on a video, or on a company’s website. Numerous factors contribute to a successful digital marketing campaign, with a “common thread” being the importance of quality content. Read on to learn more about making content the cornerstone of your strategy.

Define Your Audience

A key to determining what content will sell is to define your audience. Think about who you want to reach—prospective customers, current customers, or probably both. A good way to tap into what people are saying on social media pages for businesses in your industry, and tailor your writing to these issues. Discover what questions people are asking about products and services, and which posts get many likes and comments. Take note of what videos, if any, have gotten the most views. This is a good way to get an idea of what is important to your customers.

What Constitutes Great Content

Great content, according to a recent Forbes article, is content which people seek out and want to consume. They’re willing to pay for it in time, money or both. Great content, in whatever form—blogs, websites, videos, podcasts—is relevant to a customer’s need or a question they want answered. Ideally, it’s delivered in an engaging, entertaining way. Last of all, great content needs to include a clear call to action—whether you want them to subscribe to the newsletter or download a resource, for instance. One way to get known is to encourage readers to share the content with others who will be interested. Consistency in providing great content is important as well; consider writing a blog post weekly, or a couple of times a month, to stay relevant for your customers.

Easy to Find and View

You may have compelling content, but to get it in front of who needs to see it, search engine optimization (SEO) using specific keyword phrases is an effective practice. Using the right keywords can propel your website to the first one or two pages of search results or even to the very top of the list. Be sure that your website is optimized to be viewed on mobile devices.

Quality content should be the keystone of your digital marketing strategy. To learn more about developing and providing quality content, contact ClikCloud today.