Making your MSP Marketing Budget go as far as possible is a critical element for growing your IT Managed Services business. There are plenty of options to choose from and it easy to get caught up in MSP marketing programs that are time consuming budget burners that provide little-to-no payback. MSPs need to find cost effective MSP Marketing programs that don’t break the bank and are easy to execute. Here are a few places to start MSP Marketing today.

MSP Marketing Website

Your website is a modern day version of your business card. You will find the people that you network with will search on your company name and check out your website. Make sure it is neat and professional. Include your phone number in the header. Make sure it is mobile friendly and has a strong call to action (e.g. Free Network Security Audit). Your site doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive. Make sure you save a little budget to keep it up to date with current blog content and updates about your company, products and services. An out of date site with old content is a deal breaker.

MSP Marketing Newsletter

Email Marketing has predictable results. You can track your open and click through rates each time you send your email newsletter out. Your email newsletter should contain a couple of articles each month with content geared toward the business owner. Topics may include maintaining regulatory compliance, importance of business continuity and disaster recovery or how to avoid Cyber attacks. If you offer consistent content, you will be top of mind with your prospects, when they need help with IT Support.

Other Marketing Considerations

Social Networks, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Rich Media content are all popular options. However, if you do not have the a basic website and newsletter program as part of your MSP Marketing mix, then you may not get the return you are expecting from these budget and labor intensive options. Consider layering these on top of your existing programs once you feel you have a cost effective online presence.

There are plenty of MSP Marketing tools available that don’t use up all your time and budget to get started. Make sure you have a solid foundation for your MSP marketing programs before you allocate additional MSP marketing budget to your growth initiative.