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It’s been said before, but can always be restated–maintaining a blog is one of the best ways to get your content in front of others. Read on to learn more about generating and sharing your content and developing your brand by making a blog part of your website.


Start with Quality Content


Your content is where it all begins. The best content is interesting, relevant and engaging. It can address questions large and small, like what your company’s brand is, and where it’s located. Ideally, it answers questions readers have, or helps them solve a problem. For instance, you can address what your company’s plans are as we head out of the pandemic lockdown, or what lessons you’ve learned over the past year. A clear call to action, what you want your readers to do, is important, so they can act on the content you’ve published. Another aspect of good content is using on-page search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure that your website (and blog) ranks high in Google searches. Lastly, content needs to be professionally written and free of spelling and grammar errors.


Organizing Your Efforts


After developing quality content, maintaining a quality contact list is a good next step. Include contacts who you’ve met in person and online, and who know you. This is a far better bet than buying a list of contacts. With your own list, you know who you are reaching and bounces and unsubscribes becoming part of your metrics is less likely. Whenever you receive a business card or make a new connection on LinkedIn, you can add the contact information to your list. A quality list is a work in progress that you can continually refine. A content calendar for blogging is helpful, so you can remain top of mind with your subscribers. 


Sharing Your Content on Social Media


Your website is not the only place to share new blog posts. You can also, with some blog programs, automatically publish on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Facebook and Twitter are good for microblogging in between longer scheduled blog posts. Social media can also be a good place for making professional videos about upcoming events.


To strengthen your brand, a presence online is vital. For help in developing and refining your brand, contact ClikCloud today.