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Many companies are investing in Internet Marketing to grow their business. Profitable growth can be tricky as costs to build a modernized web presence, SEO services, Pay Per Click Advertising and social media programs can add up quickly.  It is important to have clear objectives and expectations from your Internet Marketing programs drive profitable growth for your company. By measuring results you can tune your Internet Marketing Campaigns to ensure you get positive results to help you get more out of your Internet Marketing Investment.  Here are a few tips to help measure results:

Track your Internet Marketing Campaigns Based on Objective Metrics

For SEO programs it may not be enough to “be found”.  Implementing best practices including; linking, meta tags and overall site performance are important, however, more links may not be a good  measure of profitable results.  Consider measuring conversion rates from your Internet Marketing programs including; open rates and clickthrough rates from your emails, how many visitors come to your website and how many visits does it take to convert to a lead.  It is also a good idea to  track where your visitors come from including their geography, search engine source and keywords.

Set a Floor for Internet Marketing ROI

Make sure you get a fair Return on Investment (ROI) for your Internet Marketing investment.  Track the quality of your leads based on how many leads convert to sales.  Generally expect to get a 10X return on your marketing spend to ensure healthy profitability. For example, if your pay per click program produces leads at $400 per lead and it takes 5 leads to get a customer, you just spent $2,000 to get a new customer.  If the lifetime value of that customer is $20,000 or more you should see favorable results in your company’s growth.

Take a Holistic View of Integrated Internet Marketing Programs

Keep in mind, each Internet Marketing program may not stand alone to generate results.  It may take 5 or more touch points  to turn a suspect into a prospect.  This means it may take multiple email marketing campaign,  a pay-per-click ad campaign and more to get a someone to qualify themselves as a lead (i.e. has a budget and is ready to buy).  Tracking multiple touchpoints including repeat visitor traffic can help you gain insight to what is working and what is not.

Having clear goals for performance measurement will help you get the most from your Internet Marketing Investment. From email marketing open rates to website conversion rates tracking your Internet Marketing Programs helps your business grow profitably.