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Content MarketingIn the digital age, it is now easier than ever to spread information about your company and it’s products. The use of diverse marketing mediums allows businesses to target their ideal audience. When using Content Marketing, it is important to align your content with your sales, marketing and business objectives.  Having a Content Marketing Strategy will ensure that your content is available and consumable in the many ways your customers and prospects prefer.

To help illustrate how to use content to gain new customers let’s assume a process of generating awareness, qualifying prospects, sales engagement, purchase decision and ensuring the win.

Generate Interest with Content Marketing

You may strategically use content to generate interest about your industry, products or services. Consider posting general information that a broad audience of potential customers may find interesting about industry trends, recent news and other related topics. Videos, infograms, documents and templates are also popular forms of content that may generate interest in a topic related to your company or industry.  This is an ideal way to generate awareness about your brand.  This approach also helps you position yourself and your company as a trusted and reliable source of information.

Using Content Marketing to Qualify Prospects

As your audience shows interest in your company by viewing your content, see how you can determine if they are a fit for your products and services. By offering specific content that may be of interest to your target customer, you can see which of these content consumers “self-select”  are potential customers.  Based on the type of content downloaded, viewed or liked, you will gain insight into their business needs, if they are currently evaluating similar services and other factors that may qualify them as a good fit. Factors including: gender, company size, and job title can be determined and at the point your content is provided, also allowing you more insight into your potential customer.

Engage Prospects with Content

After you qualify your audience, engage them through educational content that is specific to the problems your business can solve for them. Create content that may include: free trials, test drives, promotional offers, white papers, webinar replays, videos and product reviews.  All of this content will generate demand and enthusiasm for your products and services.

Using Content to Influence Purchase Decisions

It is important to provide these potential customers with content that informs them about what your business can do for them. Create content that explains why one NEEDS your product or services.  Guidelines on how to evaluate your product or service are also helpful.  Product and service descriptions, data sheets and samples are great ways of informing potential customers about your products and services.  The better content you have available online, through your website and social networks, the better able your potential customers are able to evaluate and select your business.

Using Content to Seal the Deal

At this point you will separate your new customers from the rest. Make sure to post content that explains how to sign up for your services and what to expect as a new customer. Customer case studies, awards and other ways of distinguishing yourself from the competition are additional examples of content you and your sales team can use to close more business.

Create your Content with a purpose and consider how it will fit into your sales and marketing objectives. To get maximum impact, make sure your content is accessible in a variety of digital formats that span mobile devices, websites, blogs and social networks. Applying your Content across all mediums makes it easier than ever to get more from your sales and marketing efforts.