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What is a responsive website and why do you need one? According to Searchengineland, more than 50% of website traffic is on a smartphone or tablet. Activities including blogging and social media help drive this trend. Mobile devices have smaller touch screens that navigate differently from PCs that rely on a keyboard and mouse. This could create a dilemma for visitors to your website if it does not incorporate a responsive design. Read more to find out why you need a responsive website design.

What is a Responsive Website?

A responsive website design conforms to the screen it displays on. A responsive design is intelligent enough to know what device it is running on, and adapt and optimize the user experience to look great on mobile devices or desktop or laptop PCs. A responsive website gives the designer the ability to suppress images, compress menus and serve up different information (e.g., phone number), depending on the device.

Why a Responsive Design is Important

Responsive websites can be helpful for your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns. Search Engines like Google always try and server up the most relevant search engine results.  Google employees have gone on record to encourage developers to adopt responsive sites to ensure they “don’t waste resources.” Responsive websites are optimized to the needs of the visitor, based on the way visitors are accessing information. It can be frustrating to have to squeeze and pinch a site to find what you are looking for, only to wait for an image that is too large for the screen to display.

How Does a Responsive Website Benefit my Business?

Having a positive user experience can make the difference between someone calling you, and moving on to one of your competitors. Making it easy to find information by implementing a responsive design improves overall satisfaction. What’s more, if you are an MSP, CSP, Telecom Agent or other technology advisor, you will be judged by your website’s appearance. If your site isn’t responsive it will look dated. Displaying older images of phones, laptops or crowded racks of servers on your site further adds to the dated look of your site.

If it has been a couple of years since you updated your website, chances are it isn’t responsive. Even if it is, a refresh may be in order. A well-designed, responsive website will future-proof your site from new devices when they come out. To see if your website is responsive, request an evaluation at no obligation (CLICK HERE).