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With such a radical change in our world, the way we do business is changing, too. We rely more on technology and digital marketing to stay in touch with coworkers, supervisors, and especially customers. Read on to learn about staying relevant during quarantine and positioning yourself to succeed afterward.

Now is Not the Time to be Quiet

You can communicate with customers even if you’re not aiming for a sale. In fact, it’s best to adopt a conversational tone, rather than pushy or “salesy.” Let customers know what you are doing via your blog and email newsletter, which ideally you are sending out just as if the office was still opening. Consider posting positive customer reviews and testimonials on your website, about how you’ve answered a need. Social media is a valuable source of information on what your customers are thinking, and can be a forum to keep communicating. If you are open for business, share your concern for the health and safety of your clients by sharing your health protocol for social distancing and sanitization if appropriate.

Use Unified Communications to Keep the Doors Open

Unified Communications is beneficial for your business when you have to work remotely. It brings together a variety of functions–phone, email, videoconferencing, chat and more–under one umbrella, allowing you to keep in touch with workers and customers. When configured properly, Unified Communications allows you to quickly answer customer requests, and process orders directly from your website. 

Customer service representatives can immediately bring up customer information in order to know how the customer has been served before. The flexibility of UC can help you and your employees respond to customers in a variety of ways, including online chat, web shopping services, service call scheduling all from your website. This allows remote workers to quickly respond to customers promptly. 

Pivot Your Digital Strategy

This interruption in normal business operations can be an opportunity to look at your digital strategy to see what is working and what isn’t. For instance, restaurants can quickly turn into an online pantry providing curbside pickup, while retailers can offer a similar experience and deliver door to door, all by adding a shopping cart to their website.

Now is the time to stay in contact with customers, and generate new customer relationships. For guidance on your digital transformation efforts, contact ClikCloud today.