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ClikCloud Social MediaWe now live in a social media world. According to a CompTIA report, there are over 100 million people with LinkedIn accounts, over 100 million active users on Twitter, and over 800 million users on Facebook.  With the right management, social media sites can be tremendous tools for growth for your organization.  Social media can:

  • Establish expertise

  • Increase online visibility

  • Drive more traffic to your website

  • Generate more business

The following are practical tips for establishing your social media strategy:

Target Your Ideal Customer with the Right Content

The first step to instituting your social media strategy is to question what content will engage your ideal customer. What is their biggest problem that you can help solve? Use these content ideas when writing company blog posts. Connect your company blog to your social media networks, and this will act as the hub of your social media marketing. Besides blog posts, you can also offer potential customers valuable information in the form of downloadable white papers, videos, or free assessments. This also gives your organization an opportunity to grow your email marketing list by grabbing emails of interested customers in exchange for your knowledge.

Engage with your Customers on a Regular Basis

Doing nothing but setting up a social media profile will not bring in any additional business. Social networks give back what you put into them. Add new content to your networks on a regular basis and contribute to appropriate conversations. For example, join LinkedIn groups specific to your industry and contribute to conversations to get your knowledge out there. Answering questions and providing resources will establish your credibility and increase your visibility.

Measure Results

Before you even start to think about measuring your results, give yourself a leg up by starting with keyword analysis by making sure that the content you create matches up with the language your audience uses. Once your social media networks are up and running, establish a plan to regularly measure your results. Google Analytics, Facebook, and YouTube all provide thorough reports that provide your organization with feedback on whether or not your customers are responding to your content.

Social media is not going away. It will continue to grow and become a legitimate channel for networking with new potential customers. Even though most social media sites are free to use, it is one of the smartest investments your organization can make to help build your business for future success. If you need help developing your social media strategy, contact ClikCloud today.