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Digital MarketingWith so many options for digital marketing MSP, Telecom, Cloud Service and others, Business Owners may ask the question “Do I still need a website?” While Social Media, Marketing Automation and other ad platforms are catching up to Google referrals, there are plenty of reasons to protect your brand by maintaining a strong web presence. Google Adwords, Facebook ads, and outbound marketing all drive referral traffic to your website, so keeping it current is more important than ever. Ask yourself the following questions to determine if your website is keeping up with digital demand.


Is Your Website Easy to Find in Google?

Facebook may be catching up with Google referrals but chances are 50% of your referral traffic will come from Google. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques including On Page SEO considerations will help companies find your business in Google Search Results. As a best practice include a unique page title and description for every page. Don’t forget to optimize those pages for relevant keywords. Make sure you submit your sitemap to Google using webmaster tools.

Is Your Website Design Responsive for Mobile?

According to Search Engine Land Mobile search, mobile queries reached almost 60%. A mobile-responsive site will change depending on which device you are using to view the website. Take a look at your website on your mobile phone and see if it is easy to navigate. Do the menus look different, are images sized or removed, or does a shrunken version of your site appear on the screen? Make sure your phone number is easy to find on that website so you’re only a click away from a phone call!

Is Your Content Compelling and Up to Date?

You may spend good money driving traffic to your site through Google AdWords, Facebook ads, email marketing and other marketing programs. Does your website educate and inform? Does your site tell your company story or does it look like you are stuck in 1999? Tech companies are leading with Cloud Services, Unified Communications, Managed Security and more.  Technology changes fast and so should your website. Keeping an up-to-date blog, solid information offerings and relevant service descriptions support your brand and can position you as a thought leader.

Does Your Website Have a Human Element?

The old saying is people buy from people. Including a human element on your website can help visitors become prospects and prospects become customers. Sites with a human element connect with visitors and will improve your conversion rates. What’s more, positive imagery will support your brand and represent your company in a professional manner.

Who Visits Your Site and Why?

Do you track your website analytics? Market data on visitors and viewers on social networks are the property of the network. For example, Facebook owns your data. For your own website, you should track your visitor information. This becomes valuable over time, allowing you to take a look at referral sources and trends. Periodically analyzing this information can help you target new customers as well as tune up your website over time.

Some may argue a website is more important than a business card. It is a way for you to stand out online and claim your spot. Don’t make the wrong first impression by looking out of date, or worse, not having a website at all. If you would like a complimentary evaluation of your website contact ClikCloud today!