As the year’s end approaches, many companies look to see how to make remaining digital  marketing budgets go further. Some companies may be behind on their plans and will need to accelerate their digital marketing programs, while others are planning for next year. For all situations here are some tips to help stretch your digital marketing budget.  

Outbound Marketing Programs

Many companies have untapped marketing potential in the form of contact lists and other resources to reach customers and prospects via telemarketing, direct mail, email marketing and other outbound techniques. Email marketing is a cost-effective way to stay top of mind with customers and prospects. Using a newsletter service to deliver content each month is an economical option and won’t break the bank. Avoid purchase lists as they are expensive and violate SPAM conventions. Turn to Linkedin for listing building and be sure to include the ability to opt out of your database to practice responsible permission-based email marketing.

Inbound Marketing Programs

If you have the ability to write compelling content try writing two blogs per week. These articles should touch on topics including answers to questions from prospects during the sales cycle. Topics could include product comparisons, best practice information, or tips on implementation of your products or services. Commit to this for at least three months and you may rise in the rankings for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes. If you don’t have the time, skills or budget to write content, you can consider integrating syndicated content from reliable sources into your blog. Share this content out on social media to reach a broader audience. Facebook has the capability to build a custom audience from your contact lists so consider amplifying your voice with a budget addition of as little as $30 per week.  

If you have additional budget, consider using Google AdWords to drive more qualified leads towards your website. Unless you have a national footprint, consider targeting a local geography to make your budgets go further. Start with keyword discovery to identify enough traffic to convert. Make sure you have a solid landing page optimized for AdWords to increase conversion rates, and also implement analytics to track campaign performance. Underfunding your campaigns is likely a waste of money, so set aside $2500 or more per month for the next three months to ensure you have enough traffic to convert.

Improve Conversion Rates

As your digital network builds you will get more traffic back to your website. Make sure you have a responsive website that is optimized for mobile devices. Also, have easy-to-find forms with a compelling call to action to encourage conversions on your site. If you get enough traffic, consider adding Chat functionality to interact with site visitors. Once again, don’t forget to review your analytics to track where your visitors come from, how they found you, and which pages they visit the most. Optimizing your website for digital marketing campaigns will definitely stretch your marketing dollar.

Digital marketing doesn’t need to break the bank. Targeted programs, along with campaign reporting, help make your digital marketing dollar go further. If you have questions or concerns about your digital marketing budgets contact ClikCloud Today at 1.866.474.8515!