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While many businesses may be overlooking email marketing in favor of flashier, newer digital marketing tools, do not forget about one of the most cost-effective ways to grow and market your company’s services. And, at the crux of effective email marketing is developing and maintaining a strong email marketing list.

Make it as Easy as Possible for People to Sign Up

 When designing your company’s website, make sure there are subscription forms on the most visited pages of your website, if not on all pages of your website. Also, invite people to sign up for your email lists on all of your social media pages. In addition to offering subscription forms, make sure you explain to your audience the value of signing up for your emails. Should they expect deals, promotions, or information? People are more likely to sign up for emails if they know what to expect. Plus, you are more likely to gain clients who are actually in the market for your services.

Offer Incentives

One effective way to gain subscribers to your email list is to offer prizes, coupons, or free resources in exchange for emails. If your company is at a trade show, display the prizes and place a container out for potential clients to put their business cards in. This is a fun way to gain subscribers and a sure way for your company to be remembered.

Keep it Personal

Internet marketing can often feel impersonal, but it doesn’t have to. Often the most effective way to gain subscribers to your email list is the old-fashioned way, in person, at conferences, trade shows, and mixers. If you hand a card to someone, they will more than likely hand you one in return. Add these contacts to your email marketing list, and remember, it’s quality not quantity. Avoid addresses including sales@, support@, and info@, and do not purchase email marketing lists. Focus your efforts on reaching real contacts and providing good business to current subscribers, and with a little patience, you will be surprised at the true effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.