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Managed Service Providers, Telco Agents and Cloud Service Providers are converging on the rapidly expanding SMB Market in 2016. IDC predicts a compounded annual growth rate for Cloud Services of 18.3% in 2016 fueled by the need for Software as a Service (SaaS) Cloud solutions. Using content to attract an audience at the top of the funnel (ToFu) will create awareness of your brand and capabilities. Using content marketing to nurture your prospects to engage with your sales team, drives dialogue that will lead to opportunities. Content comes to the rescue again to convert opportunities into sales. Here a few tips for building and leveraging killer content to attract more Telco, CSP and MSP clients:

Top of Funnel Content for Telco, CSP and MSP Marketing Plans

Blog and newsletter articles are a great way to stay top of mind with your customers and prospects. Well written, vendor neutral articles about topics that keep Small Business Owners up at night, position your company as a thought leader in IT Service Delivery. Start with topics that may include: Cyber Security, Business Continuity, Data Protection, and Cloud Security to get the conversation going. Blog articles written at the pace of business (e.g. every couple of weeks) keep you top of mind with customers and prospects. Better yet, repurpose these blogs by including them in your Linked In groups posts, Twitter feeds, monthly email newsletter and other digital media networks.

Use Content to Nurture Telco, CSP and MSP Prospects

Consider offering educational content including white papers, infographics, freemiums and free assessments that can unearth pain points and turn prospects into real opportunities. Onsite or remote assessments for Cloud Infrastructure Readiness, Risk of Data Loss, or Network Security can turn into face to face appointments resulting in new business opportunities. Leveraging free tools from companies including Kaseya (network scan), Telarus (Carrier Quote), Dropbox (File Synch and Sharing) and Acronis (Backup) can help move a prospect down the funnel. Leveraging these tools on your digital network may help you find new customers or upsell existing customers.

Use Content to Close New Telco, CSP and MSP Business

Publish case studies, end user testimonials, branded collaterals, and a responsive website with clear and concise service descriptions to create a professional image. This will generate confidence in you and your company. You work hard to get appointments so why blow it by overlooking the basics? Many vendors provide templates and tools (Microsoft) to assist you in developing these key assets. You will find happy customers are willing to provide case study and testimonial, so why not take the time to document your company in a trustworthy and sharable format.

Having a great CSP, Telco and MSP marketing plan for 2016 will assure you are well positioned to take your fair share of SMB revenue. As competition heats up, there will be winners and there will be losers. Don’t delay implementing your content marketing plan for 2016!