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ClikCloud Email ListStart With Quality Content

No matter what online marketing tools you use, it is important to have quality content. What is quality content? It is information that is relevant, interesting and useful to your readers. It engages, entertains and evokes. Not only should it be enjoyable, but also call your readers to action. How many times have you opened what seems like an interesting article, and it turns out to be just an advertisement? What if you have a tough day at work, and seek perspective in an article about twenty five people having a worse day than you? Then you see an insurance ad and you feel that you’ve been tricked. This might give you a bad impression of the company advertising on the site. On the other hand, a site with an advertisement that relates to the content will likely create a positive impression. Such native advertising can be done well or poorly, and it has to do with content. Ads with quality content can seem less bothersome than ads with little or poor content.

Be Up Front When Using Native Advertising

Native advertising is contextual, that is, it fits the form and function of the platform it appears on. When used well, it can create greater awareness of your brand. Make sure that an ad is clearly marked as an ad. If people see right away that an article is merely a thinly-veiled ad, they will think less of your brand right away. If they read on and realize they were tricked, they will feel the same. Either way, you risk losing prospects. However, if you start with useful, interesting, and relevant content, and match your advertising to it, you are more likely to get positive attention. Even when the reader is aware of advertising, they will be engaged by what you have written and will trust you more when your native advertising is high quality. To find out more about how to use native advertising in your online marketing repertoire, contact ClikCloud today.