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Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is a critical tool for enhancing and maintaining your ranking in Google search results. However, not all SEO practices are created equal. Read on to learn more about safe, fair and effective methods for drawing visitors to your website.


Ethical Techniques Benefit Your Brand


With all of the “white hat” SEO techniques available, why not go that route? Not only does using ethical techniques keep your reputation safe, it benefits your brand. One such technique involves keywords and meta tags. Part of good content is using keywords naturally and prominently throughout your copy, instead of in blocks or lists. On the other hand, packing irrelevant keywords can keep you from reaching to top of search results, and can reduce your ranking. Having specific keywords and phrases in your copy can help direct customers to your website; for instance, consider including your city or town to help customers find your site faster and get what they need faster. 


Using Links Wisely


Another practice involves using links. Instead of buying links that may lead to nowhere, taking time to develop your own will position you as a trusted resource, and can also show visitors that you do your research. Feel free to draw inspiration from other websites, without directly copying from them. On your own page, it is perfectly fine to link to other pages on your website; it is better to do this than create “doorway” pages that are deceptive to visitors and can result in a negative user experience. That, in turn, can cause your ranking to fall and your site to get noticed, but for the wrong reasons. 


There are so many good ways to get your website noticed, ways that are ethical and not difficult. For more information, and assistance with your search engine optimization efforts, contact us today.