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Imagine a free tool that allows your business to be present on the web in an easy, accessible way. Thanks to Google My Business, you can get your business seen and valued for its uniqueness, as well as communicate with customers and increase search engine rankings. Read on to learn about this tool that’s just as important as your company’s website


Get Your Business the Attention it Deserves


The more information you put online about your business, the higher it ranks in Google’s search engine results and the more visible it will become.  All that’s required to get started is for your business to interact with customers in person and have a physical presence. Once you sign up, you can verify your business by email or phone, and even verify multiple (ten or more) locations by bulk verification. You can then develop your business’ profile with information like business hours, web address, pictures and even videos. Not only that, you can solicit customer reviews by sending customers a link enabling them to submit a testimonial. Since this tool is integrated with map and search features, it’s incredibly easy for customers to find you. 


Communicate with Your Customers


With Google My Business, it’s very easy to connect and communicate with customers, and see how your business is doing online. The more information you post, and the more reviews you get, the higher your business will rank in search engine results. This, in turn, allows more customers to see your business and the value it offers. Google My Business provides metrics to inform you how well you’re connecting with and serving customers–who’s following you, clicking on the link to your website, calling, and responding to special offers. The tool offers you the chance to respond to reviews, an important way of connecting with customers. 


As important as your website is for digital marketing, Google My Business gives you a tool to get in front of your customers. Plus, it’s free–why wouldn’t you use it to improve your search rankings? To learn more, contact us today.