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Even working away from the office during unprecedented times should not keep you from making and maintaining contacts with current and potential customers. Read on to learn how to make LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator tools help you strengthen your sales efforts.

Three Simple Steps For Remote Sales Success

Sales Navigator addresses the difficulties salespeople have in finding prospects. It can help take away the difficulties of keeping track of what your connections are doing, and can help you turn your connections into prospects. It can also help you develop new sales skills and strengthen ones you already have, to accelerate your career. 

Build Lists with Linkedin

Generating sales prospects can take a lot of time, when you want to be connecting these people to your product or service. Professional access to Sales Navigator can help the leads come to you. First, it allows the user to save individual leads, using Lists. This activates alerts to key insights, such as new jobs, promotions, etc.,which lets you know when to contact possible new customers. 

Keep Track of your Searches

Not only can you save your leads, you can save searches, even specifying criteria like geographic area, industry, or seniority level. This keeps new leads coming, and elevates the likelihood of them becoming customers. Also, this should help you to revisit previous searches and possibly get fresh results. 

Hone Your Sales Skills

When you have a free hour, another step you can take is accessing LinkedIn Learning and learning new skills along with polishing ones you already  hold. Examples of classes include ones on “soft” sales skills like listening and empathy. According to instructor Donna Alexander, “sales is all about relationships, and we know that people buy from people.” Sales Navigator can help you get in touch with people who may buy your product or service. All this can be done on the go, so you have constant, immediate access to new possibilities. 

While connections on LinkedIn are certainly available, Sales Navigator can help you take a different approach to generating leads, one that is more targeted and purposeful. To learn more about how Sales Navigator can help you extend your reach, contact ClikCloud today.