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In the last year, companies have relied on digital marketing to keep their brands relevant and stay in business. Numerous platforms exist, including social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, and networking sites including LinkedIn. Businesses and individuals continue to leverage LinkedIn to stay connected; read on to learn how this resource can help your business stay in front of customers.


Develop and Maintain Quality Contacts with LinkedIn


One way to strengthen your LinkedIn strategy is by carefully developing and maintaining a contact list of people you have met and interacted with, in person or online. Instead of buying a pre-made list, you have a ready-made (and free) list including current and past coworkers, vendors and customers and those you have volunteered with. When you meet someone new, you can ask for their contact information, and then request to connect with them on LinkedIn. Be sure to indicate how you met them when requesting the connection. Another way to grow your contact list is “warm” referrals (contacts of contacts), by asking your first-degree connections for introductions to second or even third-degree connections. On LinkedIn, you can also join groups which provide daily or weekly digests. This will not only get you more connections, but soon will be a way to share your own content.  


Generate and Share Quality Blog Content


Content, as always, is key in digital marketing. And not just any content, but relevant, engaging and interesting news and insights will help you connect with customers. If you’re not already writing a blog, consider doing so, and publish regularly. You can round out your own content with syndicated contact–from ClikCloud, for instance. Keeping a content calendar can help you stay on track with blogging.  As part of quality content, be sure to include a call to action, asking your readers to subscribe to your newsletter or to share your content. Blogging can also help improve your metrics and your rating in search engines. When formatting content, it’s best to have a few key points organized into paragraphs with keyword-rich headings. Careful attention to content also helps your business become a trusted resource or even a thought leader. 


With so many businesses using LinkedIn to keep their brands vital, why not join in? For more on using LinkedIn to enhance your digital marketing efforts, contact us today.