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Website Content MarketingIn order to engage customers and prospects, you need to get in front of them and gain their trust quickly. If you start with a strong marketing strategy early, your customers will already know you and your business when decide to buy. How do you develop a strong marketing strategy and reinforce your brand? Read on, we will tell you how.

Start with a Responsive Website

One way for prospects to get to know you is via a responsive website. A responsive website will optimize the user experience based on the visitor’s browser.  A responsive website will display images, menus and content differently on a smartphone versus a tablet versus a desktop computer.  At least half your traffic will come from a mobile device so make sure your valuable content displays properly for each visitor.  But don’t stop there.

Add Website Content that is Informative and Educational

Developing a professional, credible website helps people take you seriously, and can help you expand your customer base. You can reach people from all over the nation and the world, without leaving your office. It can also help smaller businesses compete against larger entities offering similar products or services.

Therefore, several key elements are needed. First, your website needs to clearly state your mission, your best services and how to contact you. With so much information competing for your customers’ attention, you need to be sure to put your contact information on each page of your website. Another important element is a testimonials page, where customers can give honest feedback about their experience with your business. This makes your services more tangible and builds others’ trust in your business. Add content describing your products and services.  Be sure to describe your service offerings in terms of business benefit and capabilities.  Finally, adding content and articles about industry trends positions you as an expert in the field.  By adding commentary on research, events, news, and other information you will educate visitors while keeping your content current.

Create a Compelling Call to Action

Once you give potential customers a clear picture of you and your business, give them something to do—a call to action. This can be a special promotion, a deal on your services, a free quote, consultation, assessment, or an opportunity to subscribe to a newsletter. You need to clearly state what you want potential customers to do. To help you devise an effective marketing strategy, contact ClikCloud today.