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Will managed service providers “eat their own dog food”?  At ClikCloud  we hope to find out!

We did an informal review of MSP websites and found 20% of their domains parked. The remaining websites had a range of content and sophistication.  Some of the sites we reviewed lacked basic SEO techniques, many sites  did not “talk” to the small business customer, most sites lacked proper “calls to action” combined with optimized landing pages.

What’s more, most MSPs we spoke with know they need to build their email lists but just don’t have the time. They confess they don’t have time to create Blog posts either.  Of course, they are busy people working so hard to service their clients they don’t have the cycles to stay ahead of their digital marketing program.

At ClikCloud we hope to change all of that one MSP at a time.  By applying a utility model to digital marketing the MSP gets economies of scale to leverage their marketing dollar.  This affords higher quality websites email newsletters and blogs. Better conversion for site traffic and improved performance for pay-per-click programs.  We hope to create a few jobs to help out the economy as well.

We are off to a  great start with our pilot program.  We will share our progress via the blog so please subscribe, comment and follow us on facebook.com/clikcloud.  It is an exciting time in the industry as the market for managed services matures.  We are excited to be part of that.

Back to the questions: will the masters of outsourcing IT outsource their digital marketing?  Let us know what you think.