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You open your latest email marketing report to find that your campaign has a Click Through Rate (CTR) of 47%, an Open rate of 44%, a Conversion rate of 19%, and a Bounce rate of only 2%. That’s great! Really. But what do all these numbers and terms actually mean?

Today we’ll pay particular attention to the ins and outs of how to interpret and understand your most important email metrics to strengthen your next email marketing campaign.

Delivery Rate and Bounce Rate

We’ve put these two metrics together as they are like yin and yang. Your delivery rate is the number of email mailboxes that have successfully received the email you’ve sent, whereas the bounce rate number is the number of unsuccessful deliveries. Most email marketing analytics services will provide a list of all the email addresses that your email bounced back from; with this list you should remove any bounced addresses from your email list to keep your email list clean and organized.

Conversion Rate

This metric is what all your hard work in content marketing generation comes down to. It’s the percentage of email recipients who have clicked on a link within an email and followed through with completing a desired action, such as requesting a quote or purchasing a product.

Open Rate

The open rate is the percentage of email recipients who open the email. This useful statistic can give you an insight on the effectiveness of your email subject line, email address and any other content that will be seen in the email abstract. On the other hand, the open rate metric is limited because it cannot tell you whether anyone is actually engaging with your email content once it has been opened.

Click-Through Rate

Click-through rate (or CTR) sounds like it could very well mean the same thing as open rate, right? Actually, it refers to the percentage of email recipients who have clicked on at least one of the links contained in a given email.

Some email marketing analytics platforms also tell you which link is being clicked on the most, which can help you refine your content marketing strategy and understand what your audience finds most interesting.

Unsubscribe Rate

Unsubscribe rate is the number of people who have unsubscribed to your email list, via the given email that was distributed. If a lot of people are unsubscribing, you might want to review the time and frequency of emails sent. If your “unsubscribe” numbers are high and your CTR numbers are low, now would be a good time to revise your content marketing strategy to ensure that the content is interesting and relevant to everyone on your email list.

In Conclusion  

All metrics serve the purpose of helping you better understand your audience, and are very easy to understand once you’ve got the most important terminology down. You can learn how to get more out of your email marketing campaigns here and discover if your website complies with the latest EU GDPR standards here (it should be relevant to everyone, regardless of your company’s geographical location base). If you need help with any of the above, call ClikCloud today at 866-474-8515.