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ClikCloud blogWriting helpful blog articles for your present and future customers is one of the most effective ways your small to medium sized business can connect with people on a personal level and gain new customers over the Internet. Perhaps equally as important, blog articles contain content that search engines can actively find, log, and rank, bringing your site more traffic on a regular basis. So, consistency is just as important as the content itself. Here are some helpful tips to consider when writing articles for your organization.

Be Wise About Content and Keywords

When writing blog articles for your company, start the brainstorming process by asking yourself what information, news, or tips your customers will find of value. You want to not only provide a helpful service to your customers, but also display your knowledge in such a way that potential customers will keep you in the back of their minds when they find themselves in need of your specific products or services. In addition to content, keywords are equally important. Be sure to insert specific and thoughtful keywords into your post so your article will get traffic in the first place. And, keep posting! The more information and updates you add to your site, the better ratings your site will receive on various search engines.

Organize for Quick Reading

Don’t intimidate your readers with long blocks of text. With all of the information we read on a daily basis over various technological platforms, we have become expert skimmers. Make it easy for your readers to read your content quickly. Organize your post with catchy titles and subheadings so your readers can quickly access specific information. Also, include bullets, numbered lists, bold or italics, and images wherever possible to make your post easy on the eye for your readers.

Include Call to Actions

After you write your article, don’t forget to include information on how customers can get in touch with you. Try offering a free trial, an opportunity to download a whitepaper, or a newsletter opt-in. This allows you to show potential customers even more about your services. A perk of these types of links is also that they are traceable, so you and your colleagues can analyze what demographic is interested in your services so you can even better target your audience. Also include social sharing buttons, so your customers can stay in touch with you or widen your audience to even more potential customers. If you need help writing blog articles for your organization, contact ClikCloud today.