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A Blog SignWriting a blog article doesn’t need to be hard. Coming up with a topic and compelling blog content is a great place to start. Think of a question that your customers and prospects typically ask, and draft a quick outline on how you would answer the question in a few hundred words. Remember to title your outline using keywords that support the blog topic. Fill in the outline with information written in a format that your target audience will find easy to understand. Here are a few tips to show you how.

Picking Your Blog Topic

Your customers and prospects ask you questions every day. Think through some of the questions that are asked more often than others. Chances are, these are good topics for a blog article. What is the benefit of Fixed Priced IT Services? How can I save on Telecom Expense? What is ransomware and how do I protect against it? Where is the best place to start my Cloud Migration? All of these questions can easily be the topic of a blog article.

How Much Blog Content Is Needed to be Compelling?

There are no set minimum or maximum limits to a blog. However, 300 words or more is a good place to start. Hefty articles including product reviews and comparisons could be much longer, while how-to articles may be much shorter. If the reader of your blog article comes away with a few good ideas, you have a blog with compelling content in the making.

How do I Find the Time to Blog?

It is a good idea to plan out your content calendar in advance. Start with the list of topics you want to cover. If you blog daily, have a weekly calendar. If you blog monthly or bi-monthly a quarterly or annual content calendar will help you keep on track. Leave some flexibility in the calendar for news, updates, great ideas and other activities that may help you come up with a blog topic. Setting a schedule for when you will complete your blog articles will also help you blog consistently. If you write a lot of proposals or answer questions via email, consider reusing some of your responses to help with content for your blogs.  

Writing a blog with compelling content doesn’t need to be stressful. In fact, it can be a rewarding accomplishment if you plan out your activities and think through the content you want to include.  By adding your original content to syndicated content and other research and news, you can round out your newsletter service with your own compelling blog content.