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Your website and its content is one of the most important platforms to present your services and reinforce your brand, so it is of the utmost importance to put in the time and effort to write to impress. Your writing needs to do more than just present information; it needs to engage your future customers, boost search engine rankings, and get your message across as quickly and as efficiently as possible. When it comes to the Internet, the competition is endless; if your website doesn’t hold your readers’ attention, visitors will simply take their business elsewhere. Visitors to your website rarely read pages word for word, so the motto when it comes to writing web copy is “Keep it simple!”

Be Interesting and Compelling with Website Content

With web copy you only have a couple lines to ignite your readers’ interest. Web users are busy and rely on scanning to gain information quickly. Using complex words or clever headings run the risk of confusing your reader. Avoid jargon, and give your readers the facts quickly. The challenge is to convey your message as interestingly and concisely as possible.

Don’t Forget about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When writing website content, don’t forget to include keywords, alt tags, and titles to make sure your content is found on search engines. Yet, never go overboard. Focusing too much on SEO can attract the attention of search engine “duplicate content filters.” Writing effective web copy is finding the balance between SEO and content clarity.

Organize Your Website Content

The worst thing you can do when writing website content is making your readers suffer through long paragraphs. Instead, start with a headline, followed by a short overview that highlights your product or service, and then vary your layout. Use subheadings, quotes, and bulleted or numbered lists so your page is easy on the eye. This formula will both highlight the page’s most important information and appear visually appealing. If your organization needs help writing effective web copy, contact ClikCloud today.