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Digital MarketingA digital marketing toolkit without content is like a car without gas. According to CompTIA Cloud Marketing Advantage, “social media and online marketing are critical for reaching new customers.” Content comes in many forms and sizes. These include new media, blog posts, podcasts, video, and email, as well as traditional sources including white papers, case studies and testimonials. How do you generate great content without breaking the bank? Here are a few ideas:

Turn to Your Vendors for Digital Fuel

Many MSP, Cloud and Telco vendors have libraries of assets available for you to use in your digital marketing campaigns. Ingram Micro and Microsoft have sponsored white papers from IDC that help you educate buyers on Cloud Services. These are must-have downloads for your email and online marketing campaigns. Bigleaf, Comcast, Datto, Google, Intermedia, Intronis, RapidScale, Storage Craft, TelePacific, Yiptel and many more have brandable data sheets, white papers, and video content for you to tailor for your digital marketing needs.

Fill the Tank with Case Studies and Testimonials

Happy customers are quick to share their success stories if you remember to ask. A smartphone and a question or two can turn into a one-minute video on how your company was able to save the day. Case studies on how your customers use the cloud, or how they justified the investment in digital transformation, will position you as a thought leader and provide unique content for your monthly newsletter, blog or webinar series.

Top it Off with Syndicated Content

Well-written syndicated content works like the AP news service for your MSP, CSP or Telco Business. Vendor-neutral blog articles covering best practices in IT Service Delivery, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, Cloud Services, Mobility, IT and Network Security, IT Managed Services, connect with what keeps a business owner up at night. Syndicated content is ideal for feeding your monthly email newsletter, as well as microblogs including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn groups.

Having killer content for your digital marketing toolkit doesn’t need to break the bank. So many companies have bet big on the success of the channel. Why not leverage their investments in content so your marketing programs don’t run out of gas. If you need help with your digital marketing programs contact us today!

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