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Blog articles are a great way to keep your website current. What’s more, blog content can be a rich source of keywords to help your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts. Surprisingly, a recent survey conducted by ClikCloud, Kaseya and Tech Validate uncovered 72% of IT Managed Service Providers don’t have a blog. This is more surprising since there are several blogging services available for IT Managed Service Providers. For those who choose to write their own blogs here are a few tips.

Be Concise

A well written blog article should be between 300 and 400 words. This gives you plenty of room to get your point across, squeeze some targeted keywords and keep your reader engaged.

Start With An Interesting Topic

Write on topics around IT best practices and technology trends. There are plenty of ideas to write about including: IT Security, Cloud or Online Backup and Regulatory Compliance. Provide lists of tips or suggestions. Your IT Managed Service Business blog should avoid politics, scare tactics and personal views.

Avoid Selling 

Keep your content educational if you expect to get customers and prospects to subscribe to an RSS feed or read your articles from your email newsletter.

Add a List

Three or four well written tips on IT best practices are all you need to get your article written in a timely. Examples include: how to select a cloud backup solution or suggestions for achieving regulatory compliance. You can break up those long lists into multiple blogs for future articles.

Optimize for Search Engines
Make sure your  content prominently targets keywords to help you achieve higher ranking in popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Make sure your title and  excerpt include these keywords. Front load the article with keywords and use these targeted terms throughout the article.

A well written article will engage and educate your prospects. By blogging consistently, you will increase your search engine ranking. Blogs are a great source of keywords to help with your sites’ SEO. Blog articles keep your website current. You can summarize these blog articles in a IT Managed Service Newsletter each month and feed blog articles into your microblogs, such as, Twitter, facebook and LinkedIn. With all of these benefits, why not start blogging today?

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