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Because of the many networks with remote workers connected to them, there is even higher demand for managed service providers to help companies manage their networks. According to a CompTIA article, there are steps an MSP, telecom agent or other business can take to be noticed, get more leads, and add to their customer base. Read on to learn more about putting your best foot forward.


The Importance of Digital Marketing


The purpose of digital marketing, in a nutshell, is to let customers know you have answers to their problems and questions. The majority of customers, when searching for a provider, visit around seven different websites. They are looking for a company that not only understands their problem and their pain points, but can solve them. Digital marketing, including your website, content, social media presence and your ranking in search results, can differentiate you from your competition. Also, make it easy to reach you by prominently displaying  your phone number and other contact information. According to CompTIA’s SMB Tracker in 2021, nearly half of small to medium-size businesses use an MSP, and 35% are considering hiring one. Using an agent or other provider to good advantage can save a company up to 45%. Any company that markets itself online makes it easy for customers to find and interact with them. 


Start With Quality Content


Whatever types of content you develop, it needs to be relevant to your customers’ experience. Some will be in the beginning stages of considering an MSP, and your company can make itself visible in the top search results in a few different ways. Within your landing pages and blog posts, an easy way to get indexed in search results is by including SEO (search engine optimization) keywords in relevant, engaging content. Once prospects find your website, making it easy to get in touch with you is crucial; having a “Contact Us” page is a good first step. During the evaluation phase, detailed information about your services (your unique value proposition) is part of what differentiates your company from the competition. Reviews and testimonials can cement their decision, making your company the one they choose. Social media presence can make it easy and enjoyable for customers to interact with you. 


The Importance of Metrics 


How do you know your digital marketing is getting the results you want? Metrics and analytics applications are available that tell you which emails are getting leads, what content is getting you phone calls, and which website pages get the most traffic. With this data in hand, you can then assess the success of your efforts, and fine tune your processes for the most optimal results.


Outsource When Needed


It goes without saying that companies are busy, and may not have the time to develop and implement a marketing strategy. According to the CompTIA article, it can help to outsource to a marketing firm. Such a firm can meet with a company and learn its goals, and then implement those goals and also help with analytics. Thus, a company can meet all its goals more easily.


Digital marketing is key for firms looking to get leads and turn leads into customers. For assistance with your digital marketing strategy, contact ClikCloud today.