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Some interesting trends involving both technologies and digital marketing practices continue to develop, evolve and flourish in the coming years. From chatbots to social media and personalization, read on to learn more about using these trends to reach current and future customers.


Harnessing Technology to Better Reach Customers


Many companies expect Chat technology to play a key role in a personalized, interactive experience. Chatbots, a technology powered by artificial intelligence, are becoming more like human interaction, allowing customers to ask questions based on their needs, and allowing the company to interact with customers in a personal way. Chatbots, programs that perform automatic repetitive tasks on a website, can help not only answer questions from consumers but also direct the customer toward solutions on the website. This can even lead to customers purchasing goods and/or services; chatbots can help your company get organic results and manage web traffic, accomplishing some of your digital marketing efforts for you. Experts say, this automation yields 89% more conversions while costing 41% less per lead than for businesses not using the technology. Another technological tool, voice search, will continue to grow. For example, some platforms  help the customer look up basic information and schedule tasks, even use keywords to interact with devices. As always, how the tools are used is just as important as the tools themselves.


The Human Touch is Still Essential


While chatbots and voice searches are excellent for attracting and managing website traffic, they can only help support the effort companies have already invested in generating quality content and knowing their ideal customer. Having established an ideal customer profile, for example, can help companies personalize their marketing to that customer, offering appealing choices. Instead of simply putting out ads out there, digital marketing will be more about  interacting with customers and providing value. Use of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram will still continue to evolve, with these platforms offering new features for personally engaging customers. Strategists will need to know how social media algorithms work, tailoring content and directing marketing spend effectively, not to mention being able to pivot in the future. 


Digital marketing trends, now and in the future, involve technical tools along with strategy and effort. For help in developing a plan to take advantage of coming trends, contact ClikCloud today.