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In the last two years, more and more people began to work remotely, with many continuing to do so. With so many companies turning to remote work, there is even more demand for MSPs. According to CompTIA, small to medium-size businesses (SMBs) represent the vast majority of employers in the United states. Managed Service Providers are in a good position to reach these businesses, and therefore digital marketing is crucial. Read on to learn how to market to current and potential customers. 


Quality Content is Essential


Just as a Managed Service Providers (MSP) clients want a significant return on investment for their digital spend, so do you. Digital marketing is a way to let your company shine, providing a positive user experience and thereby getting more customers and more revenue. Read on to learn about marketing your MSP and getting people to choose you. And a large part of your efforts begin with providing quality content. Your website, along with a blog and newsletter, should address how you uniquely answer your customers’ questions and address their pain points. It practically goes without saying that content should be well-written, engaging and professional in appearance.


Different kinds of content guide customers in their journey. When customers are first seeking an MSP, making your company easy to find is crucial. A profile on Google Business is a good start, and using on-page SEO can also boost your website to the top of search results. For leads looking to learn more about you, your website with its landing pages and your blog can showcase your unique value proposition in more detail.. Testimonials from other customers can serve to cement the decision, and your response to customer reviews can also put you in a good light. Social media provides a potential client to interact with you and observe how your company responds. 


Metrics: How You Know Your Digital Marketing is Working


How does an MSP know that it’s reaching customers effectively, in a positive way? Metrics, including number of calls made to your organization, increase in email subscribers and click-throughs, which landing pages garner the most traffic – all of these will show your efforts are working. Also, noting which blog and social media posts get the most comments will tell you what content is working for you. On the flip side, bounce rates will show how healthy your email list is and any “unsubscribes” will help you fine-tune your content.


As a Managed Service Provider, your company is in a prime position to gain the trust and business of clients–especially those with remote workers. For help in articulating and delivering your unique value proposition, contact ClikCloud today.

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