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With your website doing much of your digital marketing for you as your “virtual storefront”, customer experience is crucial – especially in terms of security. Read on to learn more about digital security strengthened by a secure socket layer (SSL) certificate.


The Importance of Website Security


More than just an aspect of customer experience, the security of your website is a matter of trust. Is your customers’ data, especially personally identifiable information like payment card data, login credentials, safe in your hands? Even when following data protection policies, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certification will show your customers that your website is secure. 


What is a Secure Socket Layer?


Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a standard security protocol for establishing an encrypted link between a website and server, a link that will protect login data, payment card information, and other confidential data. The SSL certificate, a data file hosted in a website’s server, that makes the encryption possible. The web address bar will show “https://” instead of just “http://, and a padlock will also display. Visitors can point their mouse arrow at it and get more information about your security certificate. Knowing that their data is safe will help your visitors enjoy your website securely.


Additional Advantages of SSL


Not only does SSL improve the actual and perceived security of your website, it offers other benefits. A website with the certification may rank higher on search results than one without. Besides, SSL encryption  will make it more difficult to hijack your domain and keep it from being a front for cyber attacks that spread malware and ransomware. Domain hijacking, wherein a bad actor changes the name of a website domain without permission of the original registrant, is a hazard with newly established websites. 


When your customers know your website is secure, their experience with it and your company will be positive. For more information, call ClikCloud today.

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