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IT Managed Service Providers are always looking for cost effective ways to reach prospects. Here are some essentials to include in your technology marketing toolkit, that no MSP should be without.

Here Are Three Essentials to Include in Your MSP Technology Marketing Toolkit

Suspect and Prospect Lists

One of the most important assets in your MSP Technology Marketing Toolkit is your customer and prospect list. You spend time at networking functions, trade shows and onsite sales calls, so remember to collect those business cards and add those prospects to your lists. These personal contacts are your best source for lead generation activity. You will get your highest open rates from email marketing if you target people you already know. While purchased lists may be larger, they will not get the same open rates as targeting suspects and prospects in your personal network.

Email Marketing Newsletter

It may take five or six marketing interactions for you to turn a suspect into a prospect. So you should should be diligent about consistently sending out marketing newsletter. Consider including articles on best practices in IT Service and Security, links to your blog, case studies, “how to” tips and more. You can also include links to no cost offers, such as a complementary network security audit. You can stay top of mind with your suspects and prospects by associating you and your company with thought leadership topics on a regular basis through an email marketing newsletter as part of your MSP technology marketing toolkit.

Your Company Blog

Content from your blog can be repurposed in many of your marketing channels. You can feed your blog articles into many parts of your MSP technology marketing toolkit including;  your website, your newsletter and also your microblogs (e.g. Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter). Consider blogging on technology topics with a small business or industry vertical angle. You can touch on Bring Your Own Device policies, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, Cloud Computing, IT Security, Regulatory and Industry Compliance and more. Blog articles may also help you with your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as they are often a rich source of top searched keywords.

You may have a small marketing budget, so use it wisely. Make sure you have these low cost essentials covered, before you embark on other expensive sales and marketing activities. Make sure to have these three items in your toolkit: a thorough list, consistently sent newsletters and blog posts. Your well supplied toolkit will help you expand your reach and keep you top of mind with your customers, suspects and prospects.