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Do you know who your “ideal” customer is? What are they looking for that you can provide? How do you find out? Read on to learn more about developing a customer persona–making your ideal customer real and specific, and marketing effectively to them.


Benefits of a Customer Persona


Developing a clear picture of your ideal customer, going beyond mere demographic information, makes your marketing efforts easier. Rather than a vague idea, a customer persona can make that person real to you, and relatable. What are they looking for? Where are they in their customer journey? Maybe they’ve looked for a possible solution in other places but have not yet found it. For example, perhaps they are looking for a way to streamline their communications, with the intent to make customer service faster and more efficient. By finding out about who they are and what they want, you can examine what you provide and target your marketing.  If they are active on social media, you can connect with them on various platforms. Finally, clarity about your customer can help your organization become known as exceptionally customer-centric, which can only enhance your value.


Developing the Customer Persona


Information about your ideal customer is easy to find. Data sources include social media and LinkedIn analytics, as well as data from Google. What size businesses are looking for solutions your organization offers? What services do they provide to their customers? What social media posts get the most traffic (likes and comments)? Asking potential customers directly and in person using surveys, interviews and focus groups also helps you gather specific information about possible customers–including how they might perceive your business and others like it. Do they have any misperceptions or obstacles that you can overcome? As you connect with more possible buyers, your customer persona will likely become more clear. 


Developing a customer persona (or more than one) can be rewarding and even fun. For more assistance with this marketing step, contact ClikCloud today.

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